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Ευτέρπη (Euterpe) red

Fully handmade guitar and unique design. The particular design of this tool allows total personalization both in aesthetics and sound, with the ability to easily change the pick-up number and its front stone plate.

The basic model of this tool features a three-pick pickup setting and a five-position push-pull selector for the Humbucker split.


Neck: Canadian Maple
Ropes number: 6
Fingerboard (23 keys): flamed maple
Body: mahogany
Pick-up (2): boutique (custom shop)
Selector switch: 5 positions
Electronics: CST, Treble Bleed and Orange Drop Capacitors
Controls: volume – tone
Mechanics: self-locking Gotoh
Bridge: AMB 5050-M Aged
Nut: bone
Soundboard: Cresciano granite skin effect
Color: metallic Apple Candy Red
Origin: Switzerland

Additional information

Pick-up number

2, 3